CIAF is a platform for artists who are inspired by the the beauty and ingenuity of Islamic art and culture, either as belonging to and/or inspired and influenced through their travel, study and research or living in the geographical proximity. It is an all inclusive platform for all faiths, beliefs and view points presented in a positive light in relation to the Islamic art and culture. CIAF encourages participation of artists in the field of contemporary visual arts, architecture, design, video and film, crafts, music, performing, and literary arts. Furthermore, CIAF will continue to offer symposiums, including local and international art exhibitions in conjunction with workshops, lectures, exhibition tours and lectures by scholars and other experts, for audience of all age groups, in order to create awareness, cross cultural exchange and understanding among people from all backgrounds. It serves as a vehicle to create an educational, interactive and multi sensory experience for the public through art presentations that offer unique perspectives and talents by the individual artists and art experts from around the world.